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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  November 3, 2012 8:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> the packers won? >> yeah. >> reporter: but abigail didn't just cry for all of us, she gave the president a new name. >> i'm tired of bronco bamma. >> reporter: inspired a t-shirt in this mashup so a tip of the hat to abigail evans. >> it will be over soon, abby. >> reporter: and please, no recount. >> the election will be over soon, okay? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> and i'm victor blackwell. it's 8:00 on the east coast. acout west. thanks store starting your day with us. >> we start this morning with politics and the countdown to election day. there are just three days left, and that means the candidates are going to be busy. this map shows the final stretch
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for the president. it means six swing states. mitt romney trying to hit eight states in his final push. that includes a stop in new hampshire this morning, and we'll take you there live in our next hour. we've got correspondents spread throughout the battleground states to bring you the latest on the election and the final push for both the candidates. >> now, one of the states where both candidates will be making several stops, ohio. you knew that was coming. cnn's white house correspondent dan lothian is in mentor, ohio where president obama will be campaigning later this morning. dan, the crowds for 2012 have not been as big as the 2008 crowds. big turnout expected for his last campaign weekend though? >> reporter: oh, definitely. i mean, the white house says and the campaign rather says that the president has been facing in these recent days some fired up supporters. they expect the same to happen here in ohio today. we've been talking so much about the big push in the battleground states, but ohio being the most important, the president made
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three stops here yesterday. he'll be making two events or two stops in this state today, returning here again tomorrow. the campaign saying that the reason that they are making this big push here is not because they are concerned at all about losing ohio but because they believe that this is a very important state, and the big pitch from the president has been the auto industry and the bailout. the president talking about how his policies have helped to save a lot of jobs here and how mitt romney's vision is -- will only hurt the people of ohio saying that criticism from mitt romney is just massaging the truth. but the -- the president even beyond just this message of the auto industry is trying to draw a sharp contrast between his policies and the vision of mitt romney saying that it all boils down to the issue of trust. >> the thing is here, us a make this choice, us a talk to your friends, your neighbors. you've got to remind them one of
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the things you're choosing is -- is about an issue of trust. after four years as president you know me. you -- you may not agree with every decision i've made. you may be frustrated sometimes at the pace of change, but you know that i say i mean and i mean what i say. >> reporter: and it's not just the president alone campaigning here in the state of ohio. the first lady will be here today, also jill biden will be campaigning here, and then some big-time entertainers, stevie wonder, also here in the state and other battleground states. we hear that katy perry will be performing at one event supporting the president so a big push, a very hard push as we count down to election day. victor? >> dan lothian in ohio, thank you. >> long links and a close race.
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that about sums up the race in florida. this new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows president obama with a two-point lead over mitt romney. that is well within the margin of victory, so basically we'll call it a dead heat, but when you go beyond the polls you see voters waiting for hours so they can cast their votes. there's been a lot of controversy over early voting in florida this year. it started a week ago and early voting ends day. our john zarella joins me now from plantation, florida. john, good morning. i understand that you voted yesterday. how long did you have to wait? >> reporter: yeah, you know, i did, and i'm really glad i voted yesterday because when i voted the line here was just back over there. i think, dominic, you can give them a shot of where i was standing, and it took me from the time i got in line to the time i walked out the door, two hours and ten minutes to vote, so if you look at where the line is now, which winds all the way around and down there, it's, we
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estimate, about 700 deep, and maybe about a four-hour wait for the folks to vote. it's nice out and a festive atmosphere. everybody is happy. if it gets hotter during the day that attitude and atmosphere might change a little bit, randi. we expect the long lines to last all day today because this is, as you mentioned, the last day of early voting in florida. >> i hope there are plenty of coffee and doughnuts to go around there. there was this effort, talked about it this morning, to get the early voting extended, but that's now out the window completely. >> reporter: does not look like there's any chance that will happen. originally four years ago, 14 days, down to 8 days today, so only one sunday, and traditionally on sunday a lot of the black churches get all their people to come out and vote and that's not going to happen because this is the second sunday they would normally have is not there, and the governor, from what we understand, is not
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inclined at all to -- to extend early voting, so we do expect to see lines like this, and the other part of that is a lot of people are saying that because of the shortened time for early voting that on election day we're likely to see these kinds of lines as well which could mean that people will be in line well past the time the polls close at 7:00 eastern time here on the east coast. >> you know, just a moment ago in my lead-in in to you we showed this nbc poll with a short two-point lead for the president there. are we going to see any chance of a repeat of the 2000 election in florida? >> reporter: we hope not. 537 votes. i don't think anybody will ever in our lifetime see anything like that. famous last words, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: but the reality is, you know, we had the butterfly ballot back in 2000. we had the hanging chads, a lot has changed since then, but quite frankly, you know, there
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are always some sort of glitches and issues. hopefully nothing of the magnitude like that back in 2000, but clearly this is virtually a dead heat in florida, as it was back in 2000. again, remember, four years ago, the president obama, he only won, you know, 51-48 so it was a slim margin even back then when he had all of that tremendous momentum behind him four years ago. so tight, tighting tight race here in florida. >> john zarella we'll check back with you in our next hour and see how you're doing as well. >> reporter: sure. thank you. >> anderson cooper takes a look at the candidates' final push before the election in "america's choice 2012, countdown to election day." be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern for that. >> now to the latest on superstorm sandy. the lights are starting to come
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back on for some families in the northeast, but not fast enough for others. five days after the storm more than 2.5 million customers are without power across 15 states and d.c., and the heartache is also growing for lots of families with the storm now blamed for 106 deaths in the u.s. overall, it's left 175 people dead, including the victims in canada and the caribbean. meanwhile, national guard troops are continuing to search and rescue. they are also helping to clear debris so crews can get the power back on and deliver food to people who need it. in new york, after a lot of criticism, mayor michael bloomberg cancelled the new york city marathon for the first time in 42 years. it's never been cancelled. it was set to take place tomorrow. no decision yet on whether it will be rescheduled. and at noon eastern, gas line will start being rationed in 12 counties in new jersey. to cut down on long lines at gas
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stations, people can only buy gas on odd-numbered days like today if their license plates end in an odd number. same goes for the even days. >> yeah. it's -- it's a mess. i mean, they got to do something, right, to make it a little bit easier for folks to get gas line. >> more time getting gas than waiting to vote. >> a lot of people were worried they would run out of gas in the gas line. much more ahead for you this hour. >> yeah. here's what's coming up. >> regardless of the winner here, your health care, contraception and marriage are at stake. we'll break down the state ballot battles. sandy has brought devastation across the northeast, but it may also have been the october surprise. we have the latest on the recovery efforts and sandy's impact on the election. battleground new hampshire. three days left, and now it's all about the ground game. we'll take to you one of the
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of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state, and i heard it on the phone conversations with him and i was able to witness it today personally. >> i think the people of new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure that the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before. >> talk about strange b bedfellows, president obama and governor chris christie now united in crisis. they have been working closely to clean up new jersey after superstorm sandy left parts of the state in ruins, but christie's been far from
8:14 am
friendly with the president in the past, acting as one of mitt romney's most outspoken attack dogs, slamming the president's leadership in stump speeches and campaign rallies all year. listen to christie just two weeks ago. >> he never ran anything in his life so the president doesn't know how to lead. we watch what he's been like for the past four years. he's like a man wandering around a dark room, hand up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can't find it, and he won't find it in the next 18 days! >> apparently governor christie thinks the governor has found it. cnn contributors errol lewis and eric join us. i want to read a tweet you posted not too long ago. it's so cute that obama is trying to look like he's in charge with the hurricane. someone should ask the libyan consulate for a comment. do you still stand by this, and
8:15 am
what do you make of this new relationship between the president and the governor? >> yeah, absolutely i stand by the tweet. you know, i think it's a little bit farcical and the media to ask as if there's something the president can do. a massive storm bearing down on the coast. i wish they had opinion in the situation room the whole time the ambassador was being dragged through the streets of benghazi instead of going to las vegas. but on the substance of president and chris christie. this is what politicians do they go out on the campaign trail and bash each other and show up together when they actually have to get down to work and they tend to work. even, for example, harry reid, said there's no way the democrats would ever help mitt romney pass his agenda if he's president, of course they would. there's a difference between talking trash on the campaign trail and actually getting down to business. >> errol, let's go to you on this. eric says there's nothing the president can really do but governor christie says he's actually watching this in
8:16 am
person, that the president is taking charge. >> i would beg to differ. i mean, we've seen botched federal responses to natural disasters before. this, whatever else you want to say about it, has not been a botched response. there are hundreds of thousands of people without power, and to see the president get up there and sort of publicly tell all of his cabinet members i want all phone calls from local officials returned within 15 minutes, spare no expense, cut through any red tape, change the laws, if you have to, but make sure the aid gets there on time. several of his cabinet members, janet napolitano has been here on the ground. everybody that i've been reporting on has said, down at the local level, that this makes a big difference. it gets the -- it gets the bureaucracy moving. if he did nothing else, he certainly made that happen. >> will this, errol, have any real effect as we go into tuesday and actually as early voting continues considering that chris christie delivered the keynote address at mitt romney's convention?
8:17 am
is there,going to turn into a real numbers change for the president? >> there may be a slight advantage to the president, but it won't be because chris christie, you know, hugged him and had nice things to say about him. it will be because a lot of people will not be voting. there are a lot of people who are just going to be out of it. here in new york, all up and down the coast of new jersey, there are going to be a lot of people with much, much more on their minds than anything related to casting a vote. i think depending on where you're talking about, in new york city as least, these have been some of the most conservative precincts in the city, just completely devastated and unlikely to be casting any votes for congress or anything else. >> eric, what do you think? do you think that there is a political benefit to the way that the president and governor romney have handled the aftermath, the response to superstorm sandy? >> you know, i'm kind of the mindset that it's probably neutral. errol is right that the areas that were devastated in new york, a lot of them are republican, but new york and new jersey were going to go for
8:18 am
barack obama anyway, and delaware as well. much of the areas that were hit are going to go for the president anyway. my question is really more academic than partisan. i do wonder given that the philadelphia area there was also some power outages and gas delays, is that going to impact the philadelphia turnout for the president and help mitt romney in pennsylvania which i've always thought, including today, i'm not really sure even with this push in there if mitt romney is going to win, maybe. it's all going to be at the margins if it helps or hurt anybody, even in a tight race i'm not so sure it's going to matter very much. >> good to have the conversation. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> what do presidential candidates promise in a state where unemployment is below the national average? well, more jobs, of course, but the pitch has left some voters more than a little skeptical. customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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my money. my choice. my meineke. welcome back, everyone. 22 minutes past the hour now. unlike much of the rest of the country, new hampshire's economy is humming along and unemployment is at less than 6%, so when president obama and mitt romney visit the battleground state, their stump speeches tend to include promises of more job creation. our david mattingly visited two small businesses there to see what their executives think about the candidates' proposals. >> reporter: randi, victor, the unemployment rate in this critical battleground state is under 6% and well under the national average, so when it comes to campaign promises about creating jobs, businesses here say leave that to the
8:23 am
professionals. two new hampshire small businesses that found a way to beat the recession. one is a free-wheeling tech company. producing codes that makes e-mail and the internet work better. the other has been in business for five generations. >> high carbon steel photograph needles. >> reporter: manufacturing metal pins for everything from antique phonographs to the military. >> these are ping that go into the ammunition boxes for the u.s. government. >> reporter: in tough times they both found ways to create new jobs. what every candidate talks about they do. is there anything missing in what they are saying about creating jobs? >> i don't want to be cynical but people as politicians don't create jobs, it's organizations and people that create different ideas and they go and they service customers. >> reporter: ceo jeremy hickox went from 53 employees in 2010
8:24 am
to 170 today. surprisingly i find campaign promises of job growth falling short amongst some employees. >> government doesn't create jobs, right, and i think that's why trying to think about too much about, hey, we're going to pick a business person or someone with a lot of job creation experience, that doesn't really tell me much. >> reporter: rebounding from layoffs in 2008, this family-owned business now employs 36 people, adding six in just the last two months. smarter, more skilled workers. those are the promises these new hampshire voters want to hear most. >> it's hard for us to find new help. we have plenty of work, you know, tons of hours. it's hard to get new young people in here. >> reporter: and after almost a year of non-stop campaigning on job creation plans, there's no complete agreement on which candidate can deliver. just a show of hands, how many are voting for romney. how many are voting for obama?
8:25 am
and one undecided. >> reporter: one vote apart and one undecided. that's pretty close to how recent polls are showing this race in new hampshire. too close to call. randi, victor? >> david mattingly, thank you very much. >> interesting to hear the company say we have the jobs but we just need to fill them. five days after sandy slammed into the northeast, and still some people cannot get into their homes with mountains of sand, houses ripped apart and gas leaks, some areas look like war zones. we'll show you more.
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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackingwell. here are five stories we're watching. >> three days left until the election, and that means candidates with campaigning hard in the swing states looking for every last vote. president obama has eight stops on his agenda from now until monday, including two separate trips to ohio. myth romney has six states on his travel plans, two stops each in ohio, iowa and colorado. >> it's been taking some voters up to four hours to cast their ballots in florida. you know, that's one of the most crucial swing states. remember, early voting in florida started a week later than it did in 2008 because of a new state law. the republican state legislature reduced the number of early voting days from 14 to 8. there are 29 electoral votes up for grabs in florida. the death toll from sandy has climbed to 106 people, and nearly half of those deaths are in new york.
8:30 am
nearly 2.7 people, 2.7 million people are without power for at least another day that. number slowly going down as power crews work feverishly. many people are desperate for fuel, heat and food. new jersey is now rationing gasoline to cut down on long lines. >> story full four, its journey may have lacked the fanfare of "endeavour" but the space shuttle atlantis is finally home. "atlantis" made the 12-hour journey to the kennedy space center along with some special guests. the second man to walk on the moon buzz aldrin and the first female shuttle commander eileen collins. "atlantis" flew 125 million miles in its 33 missions. >> and before you head to bed tonight, remember to turn your clocks back one hour. daylight savings starts tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m., so we get an extra hour of sleep. hope you enjoy that one.
8:31 am
let's go to long beach island, new jersey. cnn's jim clancy is there. jim, this area was devastated. the pictures show it. people still can't get to their homes. are you seeing crews show up there this morning, to clean up, to get the power back up? >> reporter: let me give you a real quick update. we've got heavy equipment moving. they will be plowing sand. remember, literally, thousands and thousands and thousands of tons of sand washed off the beach and swept across the island. they are going to be trying to clear roads today. we've seen contractors moving here almost non-stop. they are going to be trying to board up, to cross-brace a lot of the homes that are on pilings, you know, really in danger because all of the sand has washed away. the pilings are now very shallow. we've got health inspectors coming in as there's food that needs to be just cleared out of here. there's no refrigeration because there's no electricity. all of these fundamental problems trying to be addressed at the same time we've got the
8:32 am
election coming up. there's some absentee balloting being done but very long lines for that, i understand. they are going to try to address that. the mayor, joe mancini will be holding a press conference here in a couple hours time. they will be trying to address those problems. many residents want to get back home but simply can't. trying to do a lot of this without people on the islands so that trucks and everybody has access. it's going to be a very, very busy day in this communities and communities right up and down the new jersey shoreline. back to you. >> a lot of work still to be done. jim clancy live in long beach island, new jersey. thank you. it is a busy day on the campaign trail for mitt romney. he's got stops in new hampshire, iowa and colorado on the docket. we'll bring you some of his new hampshire stop live in our 9:00 eastern hour. the hairied pace of both campaigns highlights how close this race really is. joining me now is barbara
8:33 am
comsto comstock, a member of the virginia statehouse and a senior adviser to the romney campaign. barbara, good morning. welcome. you're in cincinnati today, so why don't we start there in ohio. >> yes a. >> a key swing state, a big state that either candidate needs. the autoworkers there. here's mitt romney's pitch. >> who will do more for the auto industry, not barack obama. fact checkers concern his attacks on mitt romney are false. the truth, mitt romney has a plan to help the auto industry. he's supported by lee iacocca and the detroit news. barack obama chrysler to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this for a minute. >> forget for a moment that general motors and chrysler have decried this ad as false or misleading but in the ad governor romney says he has a plan for the auto industry.
8:34 am
i'm curious what that is and why we haven't heard much about it until now until a week before the election. >> as ad itself says, lee iacocca and major executives support governor romney, and i'd point out people who were on the obama economic council are supporting mitt romney because he does have a plan on day one to turn this country around in terms of jobs. with the auto economy and everything else, you need to put people back to work, and on day one he's going to get the energy economy going and allow us to have the keystone pipeline open up, be able to drill offshore in my home state of virginia so we can get those good jobs going, and then he is going to, you know, increase economic opportunity for everybody, so that's why he's having so many people, even people on the president's own economics council, are supporting mitt romney because he and paul ryan have a plan for day one to get jobs. i mean, this president -- >> i was asking you about the --
8:35 am
i was asking you specifically about the plan for the jobs for the auto industry, and i do want to mention, too, even chrysler's chief executive officer has debunked this ad. the jeeps will not be made in china. he said certainly not at the expense of the american workers. christianler -- >> he said -- i wanted to clear that up. >> that's what the ad points out that that is -- that they are doing that. he obviously we want to have more cars made here. we want to have more trade. >> it's not at the expense of american jobs is the point. it's not at the expense -- >> there will be -- well, this president has lost. there are fewer jobs today in all -- in pretty much every industry under this president. unemployment has been stagnant. he said if we spend $1 trillion that we would have a 5.2% unemployment, and instead it went up this week, 7.9, higher than when the president came into office. the president has failed on all
8:36 am
of his metrics. he said he'd turn the economy around with the $1 trillion. >> the last jobs report offered good and bad for both campaigns. the unemployment rate is up slightly, added about 171,000 jobs. we know where you stand on that, but in terms of you saying there are fewer people working. in fact, our research shows 194,000 more people are working today than when the president took office in january 2009 so what do you say to that? >> well, we know in order just to keep pace with population growth you need to have job growth of 250,000 a month, and we have never -- we don't hit that with this president and he has no plan except to spend more money and do all the things that have gotten us further into the ditch. he has not turned around the economy, and he said if he couldn't get the job done in four years, that it would be a one-term proposition. we absolutely agree, and joe biden said that, you know, the middle class has been buried, and certainly here in ohio we've seen, you know, where average
8:37 am
income is going down. you have a great governor here in ohio. there were 30,000 people here at the ohio rally, governor, senator portman, and they are doing all these policies to turn around the economy. they need a partner in washington with mitt romania any who is going to work with your governor, with your senator, to do things that will get more jobs for ohio and get this economy turned around and get those people back to work instead of having a $1 trillion welfare economy that nobody is happy with. people want to go back to work. >> let talk about your home state of virginia, coveted prize certainly for both candidates what. makes the romney campaign think that they can capture virginia at this point? >> well, we are leading in virginia with independents, just like we are leading in ohio and everywhere, and in virginia we're very concerned about, first of all, the president's tax increases are going to hit our economy just like they are going to hit ohio very hard. two-earner families are going to
8:38 am
get hit hard and our small businesses will get hit hard. we have a big small tech industry and the tax increases will put our small businesses in jeopardy at the same time it -- >> let me interrupt you here -- virginia unemployment though is among the lowest in the country at 5.6%, so how will you combat that? >> well, virginia's unemployment is low because we've observed what president obama didn't and did the absolute opposite. we cut spending. we cut taxes. we made jobs our number one focus which is why we're one of the number one places to do business, number one place for jobs, but, again, just like governor kasich and the folks here, we need a president who will work with us, not work against us, and that's exactly -- we can't afford all the taxes from obama care, from the president wants to increase taxes at the same time in virginia. he's going to cut up to 200,000 defense jobs which in virginia are a key thing, not just for our national security, but a key thing for our economy.
8:39 am
>> let's stick to taxes. let's stick to taxes here because one of the center pieces of romney's economic plan is the tax rate change, including for the wealthier, the job creators, but a recent report from the non-partisan congressional research service found no correlation between the cuts in the top tax rates and economic growth. congressional republicans railed against this report, as you're aware and under pressure the crs actually with drew it. now on the surface that sounds pretty bad so i want to give you a chance to defend the party. why did they basically kill this report? >> listen, i'm not actually familiar with that report, but i know the reports that have said that the president's tax increases will cost us 700,000 -- >> let me -- this is a report -- this is a report from a non-partisan group saying that the -- >> which they with drew. mish mcconnell's office said they had concerns -- they had concerns about methodology,
8:40 am
that's coming from mitch mcconnell's office, concerns over language. apparently they were using the language tax cuts for the rich so you can dispute the language but you can't dispute the findings. i'm just curious now that you know a little bit more about it what your take it on it. >> i know on capitol hill, i know the congressional research service well if they with drew that report they with drew it because they needed to go back and do more work on it and it was inappropriate, so i think that speaks for itself, but the national federation for independent businesses, the voice of small business throughout the country, has said the president's tax increases will cost us 7or 700,000 more lost jobs. we can't afford four more years of an obama economy that's not working, where you have people losing income on average of $4,500. he said he was going to decrease our health care premiums by 2,500. now they have gone up by 3,000. that's a difference of $5,500. >> okay. >> that's costing individuals -- >> let's just stick to the topic at hand there. i just want to --
8:41 am
>> well, take-home pay i think is the top number one topic for everybody in having a job. >> i just want to be clear though that the leaders at the crs said that they did not want to actually withdraw that report and it was apparently under pressure from the gop. >> well, i think if they with drew it it speaks for itself. >> you're not fully familiar with the situation so maybe we'll have you back on and we can talk about it a little more. barbara come stack, appreciate that. thank you. >> it's not just the next president that's on the ballot this tuesday. still ahead, i'll detail the controversial initiatives voters will weigh in on including health care and abortion and same-sex marriage. hello!!!! [ all ] ohh! that is crazy! are you kidding me? let me see! oh! what! that's insane! noooo! mr. woodson? oh hello! hello! [ whistles ] hello! [ all ] hello! [ coach ] caleb, i've got someone i want you to meet. hello. [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network.
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8:45 am
as voters head to the polls across the country to choose the next president, they will also weigh in on a number of controversial ballot issues. three of the biggest are health care, abortion and same-sex marriage. so let's talk about what's at stake and who is behind the funding. first, let's go to obama care. look at the map. voters in alabama, florida, wyoming and montana will decide if residents and businesses can be forced to participate in health care reform. if this initiative passes, businesses would not have to buy health insurance for their employees and people would not have to buy it for themselves. another big issue in florida is abortion. it's already illegal to spend federal money on abortion. amendment 6 would make it illegal to spend state dollars on abortion except in the cases of rape, incest or to save the life of a mother. now, right now there is an
8:46 am
effective ban on it but this would make it legal. partisan groups have spent a lot of money on this up. on the left, planned parenthood has spent more than $3 million to defeat it. on the right other politically active groups like the national right to life and the susan b. anthony list have spent about the same amount. third, it's same-sex marriage. voters in maine and maryland and minnesota and washington state will either legalize it or ban it. now, it's important to say that gay marriage has been on the ballot in 32 states so far. it has failed every time. now where it's been legal it's been approved by the courts or the legislatures and in a cnn/orc poll in june, it found that a majority of americans support same-sex marriage rights reflecting a shift in public opinion over the past two decades and billionaire new york city mayor michael bloomberg has tapped into his personal fortune donating a quarter million dollars to support the cause, the legalization of marijuana in some states and the death
8:47 am
penalty are also on the ballot in some states. >> in the battleground state of wisconsin, volunteers for the romney and obama camps aren't easing up on their ground game, they are doubling down and knocking on more doors, making more phone calls to encourage as many of their supporters as possible to get to the polls on tuesday. ted rowlands caught up with some volunteers. >> this is what the political ground game looks like in racine, wisconsin. chelsea shields and add am grass are part of team romney and terry jackel is part of team obama. each side is armed with addresses of people that support their candidate. their job it s to meet them face to face. if nobody is home, leave a pamphlet. if somebody answers get them to vote. >> my name is tery. >> hi, i'm chelsea. >> i hope i'm making a difference. i believe i am. >> reporter: both campaigns believe going door to door and making phone calls. >> hi, my name is ben and i'm volunteering today for mitt
8:48 am
romney. >> reporter: makes a big difference even though a lot of time the people answering the phone. >> sometimes people just don't want to talk. >> no, okay. thank you very much for your time. >> reporter: aren't in the mood to talk. >> it gets old after a while getting all the political calls, people at your door all the time, and it's one of those things you can understand their perspective. >> reporter: >> while they may say they are upset they are getting contacted at the end of the day there's a higher possibility for them to vote on election day. >> reporter: historically it's the democrats who have had a better ground game in part because republicans are better coming out on election day. >> both campaigns i think have realized if you don't have a real field operation in wisconsin you do so at your peril and would i love to say we have a ground game and they don't but they do. >> reporter: according to a marquette poll released president obama is up in wisconsin by eight points over mitt romney among likely voters but when you look at the people who are both likely to vote and follow politics, that lead shrinks to only two.
8:49 am
both sides acknowledge that getting out the vote is crucial and a huge part of doing that is finding the volunteers willing to keep calling and knocking until the election. >> is this your life now until a week from tomorrow? >> we're going to keep going up until the very end, keep making calls and doing doors until the polls close. >> you're out there. i'm going to be out there more. >> ted rowlands joins us now from racine, wisconsin. how is the race looking there? >> reporter: we mentioned a poll by marquette university that had the president up eight points, a cnn poll released after that has the lead a little bit more narrow, within the margin of error. both sides agree that this is a -- an election that could go either way. the state of wisconsin could go either way and the difference will be who can get their base out to vote. >> well, they both are certainly trying hard to do that. ted rowlands thank you very
8:50 am
much. >> reporter: you bet. superstorm sandy and her victims, a surprising way some of them died and how it may have been prevented. a live report next. skin so heal, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. so skin can replenish itself. see life in the best light. [music] transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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8:53 am
bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. the heartache is greg for families across the northeast as sandy claims more lives. >> according to the latest numbers, the storm is blamed for 106 deaths in the u.s., and when you combine the deaths in america and canada and the caribbean, we're up to at least 175. nick valencia joins us now for more on this. nick, in terms of just the loss of life, which area was hit the hard nest. >> we have to remember, victor and randi, even before the superstorm made landfall in the united states, it was already a fatal storm t.caused major damage in the caribbean, places like haiti, places like jamaica, even puerto rico. 67 deaths blamed there just in
8:54 am
the caribbean alone, and when you fast forward and bring it to the united states, the two states that were affected the most, you guys know this, new york and neighboring new jersey, new york had about 48 deaths and new jersey 22, and that's just in those two states alone. >> so much concern as i was driving around up there this week covering this story. we hit upon a patch on the new jersey coast where a lot of people were concerned about leaks from natural gas, and you found actually another danger, right, carbon monoxide is another concern? >> as i was going down a list of those that were victims of superstorm sandy another thing that pointed out to me was the preventable deaths, more than a handful of victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning. people like mark riffle, 51 and two others in pens pen. they had generators inside their homes, running in their garage, and they eventually died from inhaling those fumes, but as we marched up to the preparedness and officials were hosting the press conferences, we talked about getting the emergency preparedness kits ready, major evacuations, going to higher
8:55 am
ground, things like the generators and the poisoning from carbon monoxide that didn't really get mentioned and certainly got overlooked by some of these people. >> all of these stories are tragic, but you know of one that's especially heartbreaking, a father and a daughter who stayed behind to protect their home. >> we hear these numbers, 106 deaths in the united states, but they are staggering numbers alone. it isn't until we start digging into the personal stories you really see how far the deaths resonate and the impact that they have. the tragic story of angela -- i'm sorry, angela and her father who stayed behind. what makes it more tragic, during tropical storm irene the family evacuated, left their house only for it to be looted. this time they made the decision to stick around. their house was demolished and they were found in the remains of the rubble. just a very tragic story. she was just 13 years old, described as a very lovable, likable kid. her friends made a facebook page to dedicate to her and memory of her. it's a very sad story.
8:56 am
>> all of them are sad, but that one especially. nick valencia. thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. the candidates spring towards the tuesday finish line in battleground states, and next hour we'll take you live to new hampshire where governor romney is holding a rally. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management,
8:57 am
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8:59 am
welcome back, everyone. just about 9:00 a.m. here on the east coast. i'm randi kaye. >> and i'm victor blackwell. >> that makes it 6:00 a.m. out west. good to have you starting the day with us. >> showing you now some pictures from portsmouth, new hampshire. can you see ann romney there as she usually does getting ready in introducing her husband mitt romney. he is making his trek to many of
9:00 am
the swing states, including new hampshire. that's going to be very interesting as we come down to the wire to hear what he has to say there in new hampshire today. >> in the minl days of the campaign, they just have the rallies at the airport to save time instead of driving to a location in town, have it right there on the tarmac, and you see the believe in america plane right behind the romneys. >> mitt romney is certainly going to be busy, the president as well. mitt romney is trying to hit eight states in his final push. that includes, of course, new hampshire and also pennsylvania which isn't one of the swing states, but he is certainly trying to -- to get it -- to get his campaign voice heard out there as well. let's check in with jim acosta. he's our national political correspondent. he's on the ground there. jim, give us your point of view from where you are. >> reporter: well, randi and victor, good morning. i think what we're going to see this weekend is basically what you're describing here the last couple of moments. this is a swing state blitz. it's a final stage of this
9:01 am
campaign where we're going to see the candidate barnstorming through just about every swing state you can think of, and we saw just a few minutes ago before mitt romney took this stage some of his surrogates out here, bobby jindal, john thune, kelly ayotte. that's also a part of what's happening this weekend. all of these surrogates, 100 different surrogates inside the republican party will be fanning out across a number of battleground states to bring the romney message. started to hear that yesterday. the president was talking about the jobs numbers yesterday, describing that in his words as real progress. mitt romney is saying it's not good enough and that the country needs real change, and last night he laid into the president for something that the president said at one of his events yesterday when he said that people should be, quote, voting or said voting is, quote, the best revenge. mitt romney took aim at that last night and said that in his mind voters should be voting for what's best for the country, and so you can hear the gop nominee is getting started out here, his first event as he'll be
9:02 am
criss-crossing the country going from iowa to colorado and back to iowa before heading back east. >> jim, stay there in just a second. let's listen in a bit. >> just go by and say look, let's talk this through a little bit, because, you see, president obama came into office with so many promises that he's fallen so far short and just remind them of some of the things that they may have forgotten. he said that he would be the post-partisan president but he's been the most partisan, dividing and demonizing. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he's doubled it. he said he would focus on jobs, instead he focused on obama care that kills job and said he'd bring health insurance down $2,500 a year, the cost of it for an average family. anybody here have their insurance go down 2,500? >> no. >> as a matter of fact, the average is up $3,000 per family. look, the president said that he would work across the aisle, he
9:03 am
would meet regularly with leaders in the republican party. do you know how long it's been since he's met with the republican leader of the house or the senate on jobs or the economy or the deficit, since july he hasn't met with him. look, he just has not been able to deliver on the promises he's made. talk is cheap. a record is real and takes hard work, and he has not been able to accomplish it, and i actually have a record of accomplishment and that's why i'm running. as you know, i started a business. i actually helped turn around another business and helped turn around the olympics and you may have heard i was governor next door in massachusetts, and there are a couple of democrats in massachusetts in my legislature. we have 85% democrats. we had a multi-billion dollar budget gap, but we didn't fight each other. we came together and looked for
9:04 am
ways to solve the problems. we actually cut spending. we didn't just slow down the rate of growth. we cut spending, and then we cut taxes. we mate our state more attractive for job creators, and at the end of four years instead of a huge deficit we had a big surplus. instead of losing jobs every month we were gaining jobs every month, and instead of higher taxes we had higher take home pay. that kind of bipartisanship has to finally be brought to washington and i will. now the president has more promises but we know where his promises will lead, the same place as last time, not to jobs, not to reducing the deficit, not to lower health insurance costs. in fact, all those things will be worse off. i actually have not just a promise to make but also a plan to describe. i've got five things i'm going to do to make sure we get this economy going and get good jobs
9:05 am
again, rising take home pay and rising home values, five things. one, we're going to take advantage of our oil, our coal, our gas and our renewables. number two, we're going to get trade that works for us, and that means opening up new markets for our goods so we can sell in latin america, in particular, and we'll crack down on cheaters like china when they cheat and steal jobs unfairly. number three, we're going to make sure everybody has the kind of skills they need to training that actually gets them the jobs that they want and make sure we finally fix our schools. it's unacceptable that our schools are not the best in the world. i want to make sure we finally put our kids and their parents and the teachers first and the teachers union is going to have to go behind. number four, we're going to do something that actually -- that actually has been spoken about for years but just not done, and that is we're going to cut federal spending. we're going to cap it, and we're
9:06 am
going to finally get on track to a balanced budget. and number five, we're going to champion small business. we want to help small business grow and thrive. look, the president wants to raise taxes on small business. i do not. i want to bring them down. the president's been adding more and more regulation. >> you've been listening there to mitt romney speaking, making another last push there in new hampshire. let's bring in our jim acosta who is following mr. romney along the trail. so jim, you heard him there. he did -- he went through his five-point plan again, not giving a whole lot of specifics but certainly trying to lay out what he would do if indeed he is elected come tuesday. >> that's right, randi. you know, at this point, it's hard to get all of those specifics out there. i mean, he has been hammering the five-point plan repeatedly for the last couple of weeks of this campaign, and i think by now his supporters probably know what those specifics are, but you're right.
9:07 am
i mean, he is laying out his agenda for his first 100 days in office, you might say, but randi, i have to tell you, one of the things we picked up here on the campaign trail in the last couple of days, mitt romney has really gone after what he believes is a weakness in the obama campaign strategy. the romney campaign believes that president obama, and they are making the case is, trying to make the case, that president obama has sort of forgotten his mandate for when he came into office, that he was supposed to bring about this era of post-partisanship going back to barack obama's speech back in 2004 about, you know, there are no red states and blue states only the united states of america and the romney campaign has tried to make the case and mitt romney himself has tried to make the case in the last several years that barack obama has forgotten that mandate so you're hearing mitt romney trying to sound like the uniter in this race, and i was just talking to a senior romney advisers a few moments ago before mitt romney took the stage and he said that they feel like that they are the barack obama of this race because they
9:08 am
are trying to unite this country and bring about a unifying theme. it's going to be up to the voters to decide whether or not that's the case, but interesting to note that the president is also starting to talk about those themes. he started doing that yesterday. he's expected to do that throughout this weekend, and so it's going to be interesting to watch as both of these candidates sort of recalibrate these messages, you know, fine tune them, hone them for the final few days of this race, randi. >> the battle to be the great uniter certainly is -- is under way. jim acosta, thank you very much. >> you can watch the rest of governor romney's rally on where they are streaming it live. thousands of jobs added, but the unemployment rate ticks up in the final jobs report before the election. our christine romans will join us live to take a closer look inside those numbers. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
9:09 am
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9:12 am
well, in a is one of the critical swing states that could go a long way to deciding this election. voters are split in the latest polls, so who will win is anyone's guess in a state that has developed a reputation for voting problems, and this year voters are dealing with incredibly long lines now in an effort to avoid long lines on tuesday. we get more from our john zarella. >> reporter: call it the florida frenzy that gets people on their feet and singing. ♪ i will march in ♪ we'll march in
9:13 am
>> reporter: some camped out just to say they could be first in the door. you would think it was an after-christmas sale. >> we've got two sleeping bags in case it gets cold. got a blanket. >> reporter: some came by bus from churches and long lines not a deterrent. >> we waited 100 years to get here so what is three or four hours. >> reporter: this is early voting in florida. democrats make it a point to turn out big numbers in early voting, and they usually outnumber republicans, and if you want to avoid long lines on election day, well, you stand in long lines now. waits up to five hours in some places. this may be the product of some residual subliminal long-lasting aftereffect from the 2000 election fiasco, remember, 537 votes. bottom line, people here believe every vote counts, although there are some who don't trust the early voting stuff and simply won't do it.
9:14 am
>> i've always felt if i voted on the day of the election, my vote would really be count, and i've heard of other scenarios in which people have voted early, and their vote doesn't get counted. >> reporter: state election officials say about 9 million of florida's 19 million people will vote in this election. roughly 40% of them before election day, either by early voting or absentee ballot. while early voting is democrat party strength, republicans traditionally do very well in absentee ballots. in miami-dade county, of the quarter million ballots mailed out 130,000 have been returned, sorted by precincts, and in some cases if there's no signature. >> the returns on absentee ballots have been somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 a day. >> reporter: while all this is going on behind the scenes, workers at phone banks for both parties. >> did you mail in your absentee ballot. >> reporter: are urging voters to get out there because both
9:15 am
parties know that once again in florida this election could be too close to call. >> i bring in our john zarella now. tonight is it for early voting in florida. didn't some democrats and maybe a couple of non-partisan groups try to get that extended because of these lines? >> reporter: yeah, they did, because of what we're seeing here behind me, but the governor, rick scott, was not inclined to extend the days. you know, it was the legislature that cut the number of days from 14 down to 8, and -- and, of course, you see what the result is with eight days. i was in line yesterday, verdictors and i started right in this spot, and by the time i got around there and in the door it was two hours and ten minutes for me from here until i got done voting. look how much longer the line is, you know, dominic, our camera man is panning around to give you an idea. we figure it's probably about a
9:16 am
three to four-hour wait from the back of that line, three to four hours, folks in line are telling me, victor, that in fact that is right, the wait is three to four hours from the back of the line, and we expect to see this all the way through this evening. you know, i was talking to one party official who said, you know what, with the acrimonious nature of politics these days, it is so great to see people out in these lines, you know, staying, standing three to four hours to exercise their vote. at least that is one of the great things about, you know, the american political process and people actually coming out here to do that, but, you know, the polls are very, very close. as we know, the latest poll in florida, the president up 49-47, virtually a dead heat and it keeps flip-flopping back and forth so florida once again is going to be right there at the end of the day on tuesday night as one of the principal players most likely deciding the
9:17 am
presidency. victor? >> with all the jackets and blazers around you, it looks as if there's pretty mild weather. you know this time of year, having liz and david and worked in south florida myself. at any time it can be 90 degrees standing out there for five hours. >> reporter: spectacular weather, yeah. >> john zarella from plantation. >> reporter: spectacular weather, been very lucky. >> thank you. the women's vote may decide this election and the one of the most famous social activists in the country has a message for the candidates. coming at 10:00 eastern, i'll have an exclusive interview with trailblazer gloria steinem. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
9:18 am
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9:20 am
the final unemployment report before the election released on friday, and job
9:21 am
growth was stronger than expected, 171,000 jobs added in october, but while that number went higher, the unemployment rate went along with it. now at 7.9%. christine row monks is waving all the business news for us and its impact on the election. good morning, christine. you have a big show coming up this morning. what do you have planned for it? >> well, we're going to talk about that jobs report, how it's kind of the last piece of evidence that folks are going to have before they vote on tuesday, and, you know, what kind of vision for fixing the jobs market are you going to vote for? are you going to vote for mitt romney or going to vote for barack obama's version of how to get the jobs market growing more robustly? >> how much of an impact do you think it's going to have? just days away from the election could. it have an impact, do you think, at the polls? >> i think that now you've got both of these candidates in their closing arguments, right, and it comes down to who you think is going to be a better steward of jobs, the kind of jobs and jobs growth in this country going forward, and mitt
9:22 am
romney is making this case that, look, i've done this before. i've started businesses. i know how businesses work and it is businesses who hire. it's the president who is saying look, give me four more years. i started this recovery. it hasn't been what we'd like but it takes more than four years to fix something that was so fundamentally broken in such a big, big, big calamity for the economy, and it comes down to which one of those visions you believe? do you believe that the president deserves four more years to get the jobs market really going, or do you believe he doesn't have what it takes and mitt romney does? >> is it too early to call what we're seeing a trend, do you think? >> when you look at the jobs, i think the trend is pretty solid. i mean, you look at jobs growth over the past too years and you've seen just enough, pretty much just enough to absorb new entrance into the work force this year and move forward for the jobs market but it's not strong enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate. >> right. >> and the question is does this trend get bert or does the
9:23 am
fiscal cliff and political uncertainty and slowing in europe and slowing in china, are all of these things outside of our control going to conspire to keep jobs growth down, so it's a really interesting moment right now for the jobs market. >> yeah. it certainly is. i also want to talk to you though about the storm which i know, of course, you're dealing with in new york, but as the lights come on, the next step certainly for a lot of families is trying to file an insurance claim once they get the power back on. >> yeah. >> and gasoline to fill their cars and go and file the claims what. are you seeing inters of that process? >> well, the process is just beginning. you've got thousands and thousands of insurance adjustors right now who are meeting with homeowners who have fallen tree branches in their house, who have problems at their home, who have got flooding damage. all of this is beginning right now. you know, i'll tell you from a very personal point of view here, you know, i waited in line two hours here to get only five gallons of gas for a generator at my house. i have no power. people are trying to deal with the insurance part of this at the very same time they are just
9:24 am
trying to cope with the day to day. it's a very -- i don't know if the rest of the country really understands what a very hard and painful moment this is basically from virginia to massachusetts, but mostly in judge and in new york and connecticut, and so people need to make sure they keep very good records of every person you're talking to at your insurance company. find your paperwork for your insurance policy. look on the declarations page. we do know that the governors of these states have said that you will not have to pay a hurricane deductible. your deductible will be what you think it is, and also be careful about the flooding issue because only 14% of the people in the northeast have flood insurance. when a hurricane comes and brings water you need flood insurance. that's an issue where you'll have to deal with fema and the federal government as well. >> so difficult because with all the flooded homes, a lot of people have lost their paperwork. they can't even find it, right. they have lost their homes. >> i know. >> such a tough time certainly. christine, thank you very much.
9:25 am
we'll be sure to join you for your "bottom line" which starts at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. >> it has been a flurry of activity and travel for president obama and mitt romney this weekend. we'll tell you where they are headed. hello!!!! [ all ] ohh! that is crazy! are you kidding me? let me see! oh! what! that's insane! noooo! mr. woodson? oh hello! hello! [ whistles ] hello! [ all ] hello! [ coach ] caleb, i've got someone i want you to meet. hello. [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 3,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune.
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at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. one last check and we're counting down the last three days of the election. president obama and governor romney are campaigning across several key states. both candidates in colorado, in ohio and iowa and virginia. while romney makes stops in pennsylvania and new hampshire. >> the u.s. death toll from superstorm sandy stands at 106 this morning and i2.7 million
9:29 am
residents of the chilly northeast still remain without power. the defense department is shipping 20 millions of gas in new york and new jersey trying to ease long lines for fuel and the new york marathon is cancelled after storm-weary residents complained that recovery resources were being diverted to that race. >> its journey may have lacked the fanfare of the "endeavour" but the space shuttle "atlantis" is finally home. "atlantis" made the 12-hour ten-mile journey to the kennedy space center on friday, along with some special guests. the second man to walk on the moon, buzz aldrin, and the first female shuttle commander, eileen collins, joined the procession. "atlantis" flew 125 million miles in its 33 missions. >> women voters, they are precious to both the romney and obama campaigns, and in our next hour "ms" magazine founder and activist gloria steinem with inght on which party


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